Motor Vehicle Accidents & Personal Injury

Solving Injuries Early Means Better Healing

Accidents happen suddenly, but they can have long-term consequences, including chronic pain. Often, the first pain feeling pales in comparison to the soreness we feel in the hours and days that follow.

It's critical to begin treatment quickly after an injury because the symptoms of soft tissue damage, including inflammation, can take time to develop. Starting treatment quickly can improve long-term outcomes, especially for motor vehicle accidents.

Our integrative medical approach allows us to address your pain with multiple treatment routes. Our expert practitioners collaborate to diagnose and solve your pain at the source and treat it together so you feel better in less time.

Know Your Rights!

Don't lose your benefits! In Florida, you only have 14 business days to have a physical evaluation and report auto-related injuries to the insurance company. Act now to get evaluated as soon as possible.

Request Evaluation

In 2012, Florida's legislature made devastating changes to Florida's no-fault accident law. The new law only allows you 14 business days to be evaluated by a healthcare provider and report your injuries to the insurance company.

Because many symptoms don't appear right away, people often lose the right to their injury benefits. Protect yourself by getting a physical evaluation immediately after your injury. Our Orlando team is ready to evaluate you and help you feel better fast.

If you have been injured, please act now and call us to schedule your evaluation.

Great office and awesome energy from all the employees. I knew immediately walking in my first time that they were going to be able to help me.

Shaun K.